Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Muesli Tuesday - Vanilla maple cherry berry muesli

I love muesli, actually scratch that I love good muesli and good muesli is very hard to find. Most brands that I have tried have been too oily, too dry, packed full of sugar and worst of all packed full of sultanas or raisons as fillers (which is my own special idea of hell)! Hmmm. Maybe I should start with a little context for my little muesli rant:

Last week my lovely Mum very generously took my sister-in-law, my brother's partner and I away to a swanky health retreat in the Hunter Valley. While the meals for lunch and dinner were difficult to appreciate (I like a little flavour in my food thankyouverymuch!) the mueslis at breakfast were delicious. So when I returned home suddenly my crappy commercial off-the-shelf muesli wasn't going to cut it anymore which means that I need to make my own.

In the past I have made my own granola which although delicious uses a very large amount of sugar to almost caramel coat the grains. Not good, especially with the amount of tasting I need to do for Sugar Egg Flour!

So as always, when faced with a culinary challenge, I turned to the internet looking for some good ideas on how to make muesli. With these basic guidelines in mind and an idea of what I like in a muesli this is what I came up with:

Vanilla maple cherry berry muesli
Makes: heaps!

Roast mix:
1kg rolled oats
500g rolled spelt
500g rolled barley
1C large coconut flakes
1/2C LSA (a ground up combination of linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds)
1/2C whole sunflower seeds
2C psyllium husk
400g raw macadamia halves
500g raw almonds (pulsed in food processor until broken into large chunks)
3/4C pure maple syrup
2T vanilla bean paste (or vanilla extract NOT vanilla essence)
1/3C canola or rice bran oil

Preheat oven to 140 degrees Celsius. Mix everything together in a really big bowl then spread on to baking sheets and bake for 20 minutes, mix, then bake for a further 20minutes until golden brown. Allow to cool slightly.

Fruit mix:
500g dried sour cherries
500g dried blueberries
500g dried cranberries
1/2C chia seeds

Add the fruit mix to the roasting mix and combine well. Store in airtight containers. 

Monday, 25 July 2011

New Website Coming Soon!

Hi All,

Sorry that I have been so lax in posting on my blog recently but I've been spending too much time in the kitchen baking to blog about it!
My business Sugar Egg Flour which specialises in French Macarons and other handmade sweet treats in the Sydney area has taken off beyond my wildest expectations which has necessitated the building of a proper website. My web designer extraordinaire Kate from Mint Magnolia and I are putting on the final touches and it should launch within the next couple of weeks.
Through the new website my clients will be able to contact me directly to order as well as have a look at my current flavours, upcoming market dates and wedding ideas.
If you would like to contact me in the meantime to make an order or if you have any enquiries please either send me an email at, find us on Facebook at or call me on 0412835202.

Thanks for you patience!

Mel xox

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Raspberry Macarons

For a while now I have been playing around with different raspberry fillings for macarons. So far I have explored raspberry white chocolate ganache, raspberry mascarpone cream and a raspberry jam buttercream however none of them have truly hit the mark. 

Personally I found the raspberry white chocolate ganache far too sickly sweet especially when combined with the already sweet macaron shells. 

The raspberry mascarpone cream was delicious but just too wet for macarons as even overnight storage would turn the macarons into a texture similar to Wheet-Bix left to soak overnight so not really the nicest option.. 

To make the raspberry jam buttercream I combined raspberry jam with frozen raspberries until slightly reduced and thick then strained the mixture to remove the seeds. I chilled the raspberry then whipped it through the buttercream to create the filling. I think this mixture was close to what I'm looking however the raspberry mixture just didn't want to emulsify with the buttercream which created a strange ripple effect (and not in a pretty way!).

Tonight I made a batch of pretty green shells with the intention of filling them with a lime buttercream (I recently picked up some lime oil from The Essential Ingredient and I have been dying to use it) but when I piped them out the green didn't seem like the right shade for a lime filling so I decided to give another raspberry filling a go.

This time I used powdered freeze dried raspberries to flavour the buttercream and the result was fantastic. Velvety smooth,not too sweet and perfectly combined. I guess it also doesn't hurt that the raspberry buttercream looks so pretty against the green shells. Enjoy!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Chocolate peanut butter & chocolate hazelnut macaron

This weekend I decided to play around with some different flavours for my Monday orders. Well played around as much as I could because I think I would have a lynch mob after me if I didn't include salted caramel! 

So I thought I would play around with a chocolate & peanut butter ganache as my mum used to make us chocolate & peanut butter fudge when we were kids and it was amazing. I think it must be the American in me but I loooooove chocolate & peanut butter together. Mind you I did shudder a little sacrificing my beautiful 50% cocoa Lindt couverture to being combined with crunchy peanut butter however the result was magnificent. Chocolaty, sweet, peanutty with a hint of saltiness hit the spot perfectly. 

So please enjoy some photos of some of my orders for Monday (with my pretty new boxes!).

L-R Chocolate shells - chocolate hazelnut, chocolate & yellow shells - chocolate peanut butter, white shells & light filling - lemon mascarpone, yellow & white shells with brown filling - salted caramel

Love the new boxes

Can't resist the plug - I will be making some in time for Mother's Day wrapped with pretty ribbon next Sunday so if you would like to order some please let me know buy Wednesday evening. $20 per mixed dozen and at this stage it is Sydney orders only. Sorry!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Chocolate coated candied orange pieces

This Easter hubby went to my favourite chocolate place on the planet, Haigh's, for my Easter egg. When I worked in the CBD I would make pilgrimages to Haigh's just for their milk chocolate freckles and dark chocolate candied orange pieces. I'm not normally much of an orange/dark chocolate fan (I think my impressions of that flavour combination was ruined by Jaffas!) so I was surprised to be so taken with the candied orange pieces. Chewy candied orange on the inside and 70% cocoa chocolate on the outside. Heaven!

So while up the coast this weekend when hubby presented me with my Easter "egg" (freckles and candied orange pieces) not only was I rapt but the cogs in my head started turning. How hard is it to candy something? Naturally this started some frenzied internet research in to the different ways and means of candying orange (I must also admit that I was suffering from baking withdrawal as I had neglected to take away with me my Kitchenaid mixer, piping bags & macaron stencil which was driving me a little batty) until I found the common candying themes.

I must admit that now I've mastered them I'm almost a little sad that I have ruined for myself the mystique of one of my favourite treats as they are disappointingly easy to make. Especially when they cost $90 a kilo at Haigh's!

Chocolate coated candied orange pieces

2C water
3 1/2C sugar
4 seedless oranges
300g dark chocolate (make sure this is good quality! I used Lindt 50% cocoa)

Cut the oranges in half  lengthwise and then half again. Cut the orange in to 1/2cm slices so they look like this:

Combine the water and sugar in a large saute/frying pan over a medium heat and bring to a simmering boil. Add the orange slices and simmer, occasionally dunking the floating orange slices with a slotted spoon (but please don't stir or else the orange will break down!). After an hour remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool completely before removing the candied orange with tongs.

Place the candied orange on a wire rack over some baking paper and allow to dry overnight (I cheated and put them on the racks of an oven with a dish below on 100 celsius for 3 hours until they were dry).

Melt the chocolate and dip the orange pieces, allow to set in the fridge before eating. They should keep in an airtight container for a couple of weeks and are perfect with coffee.


Monday, 18 April 2011

Orders, orders, orders

This weekend I was kept relatively busy filling orders for Monday morning. I'm still playing around a little with fillings and have stumbled across a few of crackers. First amazing combination is a lemon mascarpone filling which is just beautifully light and creamy with a definite lemon zing to it. The second one which I tested out only about half an hour ago is a passionfruit mascarpone, I never would have thought it would taste so good but I think I'm now firmly on the passionfruit in baked goods bandwagon! 

So without further ado please enjoy some pics of the flavours in my mixed dozen:

(L-R) passionfruit mascarpone, fairy bread, lemon mascarpone, choc peppermint & salted caramel

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Baby shower Macarons: salted caramel perfected & choc peppermint

My lovely friend who is 7 months pregnant and house bound (eek!) had her baby shower today and I though it might be nice to take along some Macarons to share (and also to get some people to try out a new flavour!).

I remade the salted caramel ones from earlier on this week:

Salted caramel. Still a winner.

Especially with pretty yellow shells

Choc peppermint